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Day 15. Securing Your Store > Making Your Server More Secure

Making Your Server More Secure

Operating system security is an extremely complex and detailed subject that is, for the most part, beyond the scope of this book. There are, however, a few simple things you can do to help make your Web server more resilient.

Outsourcing Your Operations

A much easier way to make keeping your Web server secure and reliable is to outsource your Web server operations to your ISP. Many ISPs are now offering complete, all-inclusive Web server hosting packages. When shopping for a Web server hosting service, look for the following services as a minimum:

  1. Use of name-brand hardware with extensive fault-tolerance. Fault-tolerance features can keep your server from going down even if a single piece of hardware inside of it fails.

  2. Hardware and software maintenance.

  3. Facility security, network security, and firewall services.

  4. Continuous (24x7) monitoring.

  5. Guaranteed service level agreements. Remember to insist on the highest level of service available—99% availability might seem great, but it means that your server might be down for more than three days a year.

  6. Battery and generator power.

  7. Tape backups. Your ISP should be offering to back up your entire server every week, and it should be performing a differential backup every day.

ISPs are competing furiously in this market, and are offering many additional value-added services on top of the ones previously mentioned. Choose your outsourced operations partner as carefully as you'd choose any other vendor. They will be responsible for making sure that your E-Commerce site is always available.


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