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Section C.8. Macro Shortcut Keys - Pg. 1094

Shortcut Ctrl-H Ctrl-Shift-H Ctrl-Alt-F12 Ctrl-I Ctrl-Shift-I Menu equivalent Edit Find and Replace Quick Replace Edit Find and Replace Replace in Files View Find Results Find Symbol Results Edit Advanced Incremental Search Action Opens the Quick Replace window. Opens the Replace in Files window. Opens the Find Symbol Results window. Starts an incremental search looking down the page. Starts an incremental search looking up the page. Macro Shortcut Keys Shortcut Alt-F8 Alt-F11 Ctrl-Shift-R Ctrl-Shift-P Menu equivalent Tools Macros Macro Explorer Tools Macros Macros IDE Tools Macros Record Temporary- Macro Tools Macros Run Temporary- Macro Action Opens the Macro Explorer window. Open the macro editing IDE. Records a temporary macro. Runs the just recorded temporary macro.