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Hour 22. Test Twice, Publish Once: Profe... > SuperPreview Online Service Options

SuperPreview Online Service Options

The Options button on the SuperPreview toolbar opens the SuperPreview Options dialog (see Figure 22.18). At present, it covers only SuperPreview online services. From here, you can check the server status to see if the server is online (a good idea, so you won’t stare at the spinning clock indefinitely if the server is down) and activate or deactivate your SuperPreview Online Service account.


Figure 22.18 The SuperPreview Options dialog lets you manage the SuperPreview Online Service.

In addition, you have the option of packaging web pages for remote browser preview. As the dialog states, this option ensures that sites running on intranets (internal networks) preview properly on the remote browsers. In layman’s terms, this means if Packaging is checked, SuperPreview gathers all the relevant files for the page in question and bundles them before sending them to the remote browser. This is done because, on an internal network or intranet, you may have sites that use assets from other internal network locations that will be unavailable for the external browser. The bottom line is this: If you are working on intranet or internal network sites, Packaging should be checked. If you are not working on such sites, but manage all....


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