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Chapter 15. Customizing Expression Web > Setting Design View Formatting Options

Setting Design View Formatting Options

The Color Coding tab on the Page Editor Options dialog box provides an option to make it easier to work with display elements in Design view. The Color Coding tab allows you to change the way individual elements appear in color while you work Design view. You can set foreground and background (when available) colors for a variety of display items, including Dynamic Web Template editable region, Layout site selection border, Layout positioning lines, Layout table border or cell, Master Page content region, and Web Part border. For some display items, such as Layout label, you can set font styles, including bold, italic and underline.

Set Design View Formatting Options

Click the Tools menu, and then click Page Editor Options.

Click the Color Coding tab.

Click the Design view settings option.

Select the element you want to change.

Use the Item foreground and Item background (if available) list arrows to select the colors you want.

Select or clear the Font, Italic, or Underline check boxes, if available.

Repeat steps 4 through 6 for the elements you want to change.

Click OK.


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