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Part II: FileMaker Go - Pg. 151

IN THIS CHAPTER · Opening and Closing Databases · Setting Up Shared Databases on FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go · Adjusting Settings · Getting Help · Managing Open Databases · Taking Photos with the Camera and Storing Them in the Database 7 Using FileMaker Go In the first part of this book, you saw the basics of FileMaker and how you can make changes to your databases to work more effectively on mobile devices, whether you are using FileMaker Go, Bento, or FileMaker Web Publishing. This part of the book explores the specifics of FileMaker Go, and the following parts explore Bento and then FileMaker Web Publishing. This chapter starts the FileMaker Go part by showing you how to use FileMaker Go-- that is, how you (or anyone else) works on the database to browse or search data, add or sort records, or run scripts. You also see how to use the FileMaker Go interface on both iPad and iPhone. In Chapter 8,"Optimizing FileMaker Databases for FileMaker Go," you see how to make changes to your databases specifically for FileMaker Go. These include some extended privileges that can improve security on a mobile device running FileMaker Go. By comparison, Chapter 5,"Preparing FileMaker for Mobile Use," explores adjustments and changes you should consider when getting your data- bases ready for mobile use with FileMaker Go, Bento, or FileMaker Web Publishing that is designed for a mobile device. Remember that FileMaker Go does not support changes to the database structure or interface changes that you make in Layout mode or by creating scripts, setting up security, creating value lists (although you can update them), or implementing triggers, calculations, or conditional format- ting. In practical terms, that generally means that you need access to a copy of FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced to do database development and maintence. FileMaker Go is perfect for use of an already-developed database.