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Chapter 15. ASP.NET MVC > A Word About Classic ASP.NET - Pg. 398

398 CHAPTER 15 ASP .NET MVC If a user tries to create a to-do item with no description, he will be presented with the creation form again, but this time it will be presented with an obvious error notification, as shown in Figure 15.12. FIGURE 15.12 A validation error notification after an invalid input is submitted. Classic ASP.NET Features Although ASP.NET MVC looks and feels very different from classic ASP.NET, it is still based on the classic framework. This means that all the features that were available to you in ASP.NET are also available to you in ASP.NET MVC. It includes HTTP modules and handlers, session state management, authorization and authentications mechanisms, profiles, and more. Also notice that third-party components that have been built for classic ASP.NET still work in ASP.NET MVC views. A Word About Classic ASP.NET Version 1.0 of IronRuby is not expected to support classic ASP.NET out-of-the-box, as known as Web Forms. However, if you are interested in Web Forms support, keep an eye on the ASP.NET Dynamic Language Support project on CodePlex, This project is currently in its alpha version. It has support only for IronPython, but IronRuby support is coming soon.