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CHAPTER 7: Security in Grails > What Is Security? - Pg. 216

216 CHAPTER 7 SECURITY IN GRAILS · Administrator vs. regular user access: In Chapter 10, we are going to create a few reports that are for only administrators. This means we need to be able to secure certain pages of the site for administrators. · Basic access authentication: For the web services we'll add in Chapter 9, we need to secure the site so it can be accessed through basic URL authentication. If we dove straight into a solution for just our sample application's security needs, not only would that be a bit dull, but it also wouldn't help you out if your application happens to have different requirements. In some Java frameworks, like JBoss Seam, there is a built-in security framework. That is not the case for Grails. However, quite a few security plug-ins are available for Grails. In this chapter, we will go over three of the plug-ins, along with our very own custom security implementation for the application. But before we start looking at the different security solutions, let's take a step back and review what we actually mean by security. What Is Security? Before we dive into our security examples with Grails, we should reach a common under-