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Q1: How do you integrate IBM VisualAge with the BEA WebLogic Server?
A1: In order to use IBM Visual Age with the BEA WebLogic Server, you need to use additional software—the BEA WebLogic Integration Kit for IBM VisualAge for Java, which consists of the following:
  • Library classes of the WebLogic Server along with some support libraries

  • Server support classes for starting and stopping the WebLogic Server from inside VisualAge

  • Tool utility classes for building EJB Java archive files using VisualAge

  • An export utility for exporting the Java projects and packages from VisualAge

After you configure the integration kit, the WebLogic Server project will appear in the Projects tab. Open the weblogic.integration.visualage.server package. The properties for the WebLogic Server, like the weblogic.system.home, for example, can be viewed and verified by viewing the properties of the Server class in the weblogic.integration.visualage.server package.

A similar integration toolkit is available for using Symantec Visual Café with the WebLogic Server.

Q2:Where can I find information about Ant tool and the tags used by the EJBGen tool?
A2: To find more information about the Ant tool, visit the Web site For more information about the tags used by the EJBGen tool, check out WebLogic Server's documentation at


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