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8 Find Your Real Team > What It Means to Find Your Real Team - Pg. 167

Chapter 8: Find Your Real Team 167 true economics of a business. This was in the 1960s, long before these were widely accepted business topics. Though the members were thoroughly human with plenty of human weaknesses, the Laymen's Movement/Wainwright House provided them enough reinforcement that they were able to stay truer to their values and sustain lifetime efforts to transform management practice within their firms and across entire industries. One of their members was Robert Greenleaf, an executive from AT&T who crystallized many of their ideas in his writings on servant leadership--the concept that being a leader is not a tro- phy but a call to practice an attitude of service and stewardship. Though I knew of Greenleaf 's work, I had personally never heard of the movement that inspired him, until I learned the story from Jahn Ballard, whose father had been a core member. It amazed