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Prologue: Believing in My Idea When No One Else Did - Pg. xi

PROLOGUE BELIEVING IN MY IDEA WHEN NO ONE ELSE DID "You have to go through a lot of nightmares before you realize your dream." fter six-and-a-half grueling laps of jumping barriers and water pits, it was down to the last lap. I was at the Pacific-10 Track & Field Championships, representing the University of Southern California in the steeplechase. It was my last collegiate race and I had been training like a seasoned Olympian in hopes of breaking the university's long-standing record. I was on the final lap of the race ­ a lap away from experiencing another nightmare. I stepped onto the final barrier. My foot slipped on its slick sur- face. Tumbling into the water, I hit my shin. I was down. The filthy