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26 Networking > 1. Connect people - Pg. 156

156 Winningwithpeople high achievers in virtually every industry, you will find that they have all developed a very strong group of people around them. The more jaded among us attribute their successes to `the old-boy's clubs' and `politics', but in reality these terms are just cynical, sour-grapes labels to describe the success of people who understand the principles and power of networking. It is a truism that people prefer to deal with people they like, and want to help people they like. It only makes sense, there- fore, that the more people you get to know, the better off you'll be. (Assuming, of course, you're a likeable person.) It's a lot of work to build a strong personal network, but the ultimate payoff is tremendous. The following are the absolute musts of networking. Many we have already discussed elsewhere in this book, but they are part of networking and bear repeating.