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Chapter 11: The Power of Ideological Opposites - Pg. 177

The Power of Ideological Opposites Chapter 11 The Power of Ideological Opposites I often teach about the "Five Arenas of Life." Family / Friends Community Career / Business Self Other ________ I invite those in my seminar audiences to consider the first four arenas as those we nearly all have in common and then to add a fifth arena of their choosing, such as a spiritual commit- ment (religious affiliation), a cherished hobby, an avid sports interest, a key financial investment, a book writing project, and so on. I point out that life is sort of a juggling act wherein we all try to find the right life balance. Next, I ask the group to rank the five arenas to identify which is of number-one impor- tance and which arenas are of lesser importance. There is quite a debate that follows. There are those who immediately state the importance of the family as the basic building block of society and the principal support group we all need. Someone 177