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Chapter 5: The Huge Fallacy of Not Liste... > Listening: Do You Want To? - Pg. 67

The Huge Fallacy of Not Listening Listening: Do You Want To? Some have said that listening is not so much a skill as it is a question of whether you really want to listen. If something or some- one is important enough, you will listen. What if you told me you were not a good listener? I would invite you to do this ex- periment. Please stand over there, 20 feet away. I am now going to whisper to you three steps you can take on this coming Saturday morning that will earn you $50,000. I am only going to mention these three steps once and I will whisper as I do it. Are you ready? My guess is that you would not need to attend a seminar on listening skills. You would only need to commit your atten- tion in accordance with the importance you assigned to the in-