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100 Ways to Motivate Others > 46. Know What You Want to Grow - Pg. 118

118 / 100 Ways to Motivate Others Often what separates a great leader from a lousy man- ager is just that: the ability to use 10 minutes well. The Irwin quote is one that we have on our office wall, reminding us that it really helps to have short, motivating quotations posted in plain view. It is a way to wake your- self up to your potential. Especially when you only have 10 minutes before your next appointment. Will you use it well? Or will you kill time? Our recent visit to a very successful leader's office was enhanced by our noticing these words posted on the wall behind his desk--also a great guideline for using 10 minutes well: The Most Important Words in the English Language 5 most important words: I am proud of you!