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100 Ways to Motivate Others > 48. Coach Your People to Complete - Pg. 121

Coach Your People to Complete / 121 There is a continual expansion of the friendly side of the relationship. A leader knows that communication solves almost all problems. Avoidance worsens all problems. No leadership agreement was ever made outside of a conversation. So have your conversations be vital. Have a lot of conversations today and make them warm and comfortable. Have them all lead you to your ultimate goal. Master teacher Lance Secretan has written 13 books on leadership, and sums up his findings this way: "Leader- ship is not so much about technique and methods as it is about opening the heart. Leadership is about inspiration-- of oneself and of others. Great leadership is about human experiences, not processes. Leadership is not a formula or a program, it is a human activity that comes from the heart and considers the hearts of others." 48. Coach Your People to Complete Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task. --William James, Psychologist/Philosopher If your people become more and more burned out and fatigued, it's up to you to help them redirect a course of ac- tion that leads them to the completion of previous projects. Once, long ago, we went to hear Cheryl Richardson give a presentation to "Coach U" over in Phoenix, and it was the first time we went to one of her meetings. We