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Chapter 5: Human Modeling > Chapter 5: Human Modeling - Pg. 150

150 Get People to Do What You Want are in the process of trying to manipulate him, but your out- come will be unpredictable. You're just shooting in the dark. We start every interrogation with as much knowledge of the individual prisoner as possible; this includes information gleaned from those who captured him, and those who feed him and manage his daily life. We then go into the interroga- tion and ask questions to add more detail to the picture of who he is. This picture presents the peaks and hollows in his personality, so we know what he has in common with us, and what his advantages and fears are. Without this knowledge, our efforts to manage his sense of belonging or need to differ- entiate could have disastrous results. The tools in this chapter are designed to give you another sense of sight into a human being--an understanding of the