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118. See Rough Starts as an Opportunity - Pg. 141

Quick Ideas 117 to 118 colleague may be trying to tighten expenditures in your division-- and others across the board--so the company can avoid layoffs. In reality, your colleague is looking out for you and others. When you approach conflict with such an attitude of learning and understanding, you have an opportunity to turn it around, and reshape it into something valuable. Epilogue Conflict and confrontation can be catalysts for moving forward in a given situation. See Rough Starts as an Opportunity Yeah, we've all done it--stepped in it right out Assignment of the gate, put our foot in Have you had a rough start our mouth, said something with someone recently--a week insensitive or just flat-out ago, a month ago? Don't let any wrong. more time pass. Go find the per- When this happens son and smooth over the situation. with others we've known for a while, and with whom we've built a rapport in time, we get a margin of forgiveness. But when it happens with people we're meeting for the first time, it often results in a rough start. Some people let their pride or embarrassment rule them in these situation. These folks practice avoidance behavior; they avoid the person thereafter. 118 141