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145. Put the "Moose on the Table" - Pg. 169

Quick Ideas 143 to 145 With these folks it could be just a matter of being patient, having diligence, and getting to know the person one interaction at a time. It could be quite a while--months or even years--before we start to see these people warming up to us and our ideas. But these can also end up being some of the best and most long-lasting relationships we ever develop. So, the next time you encounter the office grump, or the office bully, remember to take your experience with him one day at a time, and to keep working to get past those hard exteriors to the person he is on the inside. You might be surprised to find diamonds in the rough. Epilogue The office nut could really be a diamond in the rough. Put the "Moose on the Table" Sometimes we have to do this when we have difficult relation- ships; we have to put the moose on the table, which means being straight-up, direct, getting the issue out in the open. Some people call this "kicking the elephant out of the room," or just drawing a line in the sand. Whatever idiom you choose is not important, but taking a stand and airing out an issue is. Have you learned that a colleague is bad-mouthing you around the office? Is someone spreading gossip and rumors about you? 145 Assignment If you find you need to put the moose on the table with someone, read ideas 85 through 143 again. 169