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147. Mend Fences > 147. Mend Fences - Pg. 171

Quick Ideas 145 to 147 people who try to fight every Assignment battle are often seen as reactive Ask yourself if you let and extremist, and are rarely petty relationship issues taken seriously. keep you drained. If so, then But the wise among us you might be taking on too know that people make mis- many battles. takes, they have general human failings, and the wise know that we have to let bygones be bygones many times in our relationships with people. If you take a live-and-let-live approach to dealing with people, you will find that they will give the same to you. Let the petty go, let it roll off your back, and save your energy for the bigger things that can bring real meaning to your life. Not only will this help you stay balanced, but it will also make people more apt to forgive and forget quickly when you mess