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20. Allow Others to Hold to Their Principles - Pg. 37

Quick Ideas 19 to 20 Allow Others to Hold to Their Principles While you have Assignment your own set of prin- ciples, recognize that Think about your principles. everyone else has a set How can others think differently of principles that guide from the way you do? Why is that their decisions and ac- all bad? Can you live with those tions, too. Recognize positions? that their principles are, to them, every bit as valid as yours are to you--even though they might be different from yours. You may be pro-life. Others might be pro-choice. You are both operating on a set of principles that are immediately and person- ally valuable to each of you. Don't disparage others for their principles. If you disagree, that's okay. But respectfully acknowledge that others think differently than you do, and that their thoughts and their principles are also based on deeply held values and personal convictions. Recognize, too, that people with different sets of principles and values can still work, live, and play alongside each other quite effectively--if we simply acknowledge and respect others' principles. Don't let differing principles stand in the way of potential relation- ships unless you simply cannot live with the opposite view of some- thing. Believe me: This situation is much more rare than you think. 20 37