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87. Be Careful With Your Opinions - Pg. 105

Quick Ideas 86 to 87 Epilogue Asking questions opens the doors for others to share who they are with you. Be Careful With Your Opinions Likely you've heard the old saying about opinions. It's not Assignment appropriate to repeat it in this Throughout the next book, but most people will week, observe those around agree the adage is true: Every- you who freely give their one has one. personal opinions. Note how And sometimes it's best to you feel about them, how keep ours to ourselves--par- your coworkers and manage- ticularly our personal opinions. ment respond to them, and Think about it. You've met how effective they are in opinionated people, and aren't working with others. they annoying? Flaunting their personal opinions openly as if their view is the correct view? And these people usually have an opinion about everything and everyone. Don't be one of these people. And if you are one of these people, keep reading. Withholding your personal opinions can be a challenge, espe- cially if someone's views differ at the deepest level from your own. In cases such as these, it might be best to politely avoid the con- versation or change the subject altogether--such as with politics 87 105