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89. See Both Sides - Pg. 107

Quick Ideas 87 to 89 And is that really fair? Assignment We don't like it when some- Make a list of the people in one judges us--particularly your office with whom you have when that person doesn't difficulty. What judgments have really get to know us. At you made about them? Are those some point, we have all judgments holding you back been stung by the feeling from developing a more effective of being judged by some- working relationship? one who doesn't have all the facts, or by someone who suffers from ethnic, gender, or lifestyle prejudice, or professional jealousy. Judging others gives us some misguided permission to dislike someone--or worse--and to act upon it. So, how do you withhold judgment of others? Get to know them. Invite a conversation, ask them questions, find out what drives them, what they want to accomplish with a project, their