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94. Allow People to Save Face - Pg. 113

Quick Ideas 92 to 94 But you want to approach Assignment these opportunities with delicacy, Seek out opportunities and not dominance. Mishandling to help others to be un- these situations could paint you derstood, whether that is as a know-it-all. to get their point across, So how do you proceed with- to clear up a misunder- out making a mess of it? Think standing with the boss or facilitation. The next time you a coworker, or to demon- see a colleague's input being met strate their unique contri- with puzzled expressions from bution to the group. the group, summarize what you think the person is saying and then ask if your summation is correct. It may require some give and take for a few minutes, but if you're patient and genuine about understanding, you will help your colleague get his point across. This technique, if handled with sincerity and good intentions, is powerful. Your colleague will feel as though he has an advocate, and he will remember the gesture. Voila! You've made a connection! Epilogue When you help someone to be understood, you have an opportunity to be someone's champion. Allow People to Save Face In Asian culture in general, it is considered better to be silent than to point out someone's error in front of others. This is a car- dinal rule in a number of Eastern cultures. It's called saving face, and it's an act of respect. 94 113