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The Power of Personality 101 your positiveness. People automatically feel good in the presence of likeable, positive people; they feel good about themselves and their outlook on life improves. Building kindness capital in your professional life is thus as simple as an attitude adjustment. Have a positive attitude as you go about your day. Interact positively with your customers, col- leagues, bosses, and employees. Each person you encounter, even fleetingly, is uplifted by your positive presence. Think of it as a sort of "kindness energy" that you can cultivate in yourself, and allow to rub off on others. 3 You might look at highly likeable people who seem positive all of the time and wonder how do they do it. Fortunately, likeability is not an endowed right for the fortunate few. Posi- tiveness comes as much from free will as it does from nature. The current scientific consensus is that each of us has a sort of set-point for feeling good, but much of our positiveness, or con- versely our negativity, is learned and therefore within our control to adjust. Positiveness is an acquired skill that is fluid and mal- leable, and one you can practice. Knowing the immense impact we have on others, learning to project positiveness and likeability at every turn is truly a kind- ness imperative. "Cheerfulness is not simply an instinctive or spon- taneous act of a person's nature but a conscious and courageous act of kindness. It`s a gift one chooses to give to others," says ethicist and writer Michael Josephson. 4 It might mean that you consciously "cheer up" around a discouraged colleague, knowing that your mood will indeed rub off on him. Regardless of how