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More Praise for Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace "The definitive book on sustaining trust in your organization. Dennis and Michelle Reina have created a practical manual for understanding, building, and rebuilding trust in working relationships." --Paul Rosner, Chief Information Officer, Energy Coal, BHP Billiton, Sydney, Australia "The Reinas' true-to-life stories inspired me to reframe broken trust and arrive in a place of renewed energy and understanding." --Peggy Niemer, Corporate Vice President, Human Resources, Children's Hospital and Health System "Dennis and Michelle demonstrate their profound understanding of the hu- man spirit and human frailties--and their ability to step back and observe the strengths that can come from both. I believe this book is for everyone in relationships everywhere, not just those in the workplace." --Stephen H. Rhinesmith, PhD, coauthor of Head, Heart, and Guts "Michelle and Dennis Reina are at the forefront of helping leaders understand the importance of trust in building high performance organizations. Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace presents actionable concepts that leaders can put to immediate use in rebuilding trust in relationships in the workplace as well as at home." --Deborah Garrett, Vice President, Human Resources, Intuit "The principles in this book have had an important and valuable influence on how members of our team talk to each other, how we treat each other, and how we expect to be treated by others. The Reinas' work has given us a gift that allowed us to move forward. We found a path to becoming better individu- als and teammates." --David J. Whaley, Vice President, Development and Alumni Relations, Norwich University "As organizations become more diverse, trust emerges as a critical prerequi- site for the conversations necessary to align different world views in support of a common mission and vision. Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace breaks this seemingly complex issue into kaizen-like steps that can help employees, supervisors, and leaders effectively manage and best leverage a multicultural workforce." --Harry R. Gibbs, MD, Chief Diversity Officer, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston