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Chapter 22. Schemas Reference > xs:anyAttribute - Pg. 412

In a few cases, schema elements may contain elements from other arbitrary namespaces or no namespace at all. This occurs primarily inside xs:appinfo and xs:documentation elements, which provide supplementary information about the schema itself, the documents the schema describes to systems that are not schema validators, or to people reading the schema. Finally, most schema elements can have arbitrary attributes from other namespaces. For instance, this allows you to make an xs:attribute element a simple XLink by giving it xlink:type and xlink:href attributes or to identify the language of an xs:notation using an xml:lang attribute. However, this capability is not used much in practice. Schema Elements The W3C XML Schema Language defines 42 elements, which naturally divide into several categories: One root element xs:schema Three declaration elements xs:element , xs:attribute , and xs:notation Eight elements for defining types xs:complexContent , xs:complexType , xs:extension , xs:list , xs:restriction , xs:simpleContent , xs:simpleType , and xs:union