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Chapter 17. "Multi-page" Forms > The xforms:switch Element - Pg. 34

The body of the document begins with the user instructions and the four buttons. The instructions must be updated to inform the user that the entire form (both "pages") must be valid before he can save or send the data. The last two buttons are the same buttons used to save and send form data in the previous examples. The first two buttons allow a user to switch between two different "cases": entering tournament information and entering registration data. (You'll see how this all ties together in a moment.) <p> <span style="color:red">*</span> Fields marked with a red asterisk are required. Fields with a <span style="background-color: #ffc;"> yellow background</span> have not yet been filled with valid data. You cannot send or save the data until both parts of the form are filled out. </p> <p> <xforms:trigger id="infoButton"> <xforms:label>Tournament Information</xforms:label> <xforms:toggle ev:event="DOMActivate" case="info"/> </xforms:trigger> <xforms:trigger id="registrationButton"> <xforms:label>Registration</xforms:label> <xforms:toggle ev:event="DOMActivate" case="register"/> </xforms:trigger> <xforms:submit submission="save"> <xforms:label>Save Data</xforms:label> </xforms:submit> <xforms:submit submission="send">