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The XFA Scripting System 462 Summary Scripting on the Web has evolved primarily from traditional programming languages, which is evi- dent in the fact that the two major Web scripting languages are JavaScript and VBScript. Because these scripting languages were formed from traditional programming languages, their syntax closely mimics such languages. However, the syntax of scripting languages is very different from that of the Web pages in which they reside. It would be interesting to see a scripting language that relies on syntax similar to the Web content it is designed to manipulate. XFA is such a scripting language. XFA is unique among scripting languages in that it uses XML as the basis for its syntax. More specifically, the XFA scripting language is implemented as an XML vocabulary consisting of ele- ments and attributes that represent familiar programming constructs, such as conditionals, loops, and variables. Admittedly, this chapter really only scratched the surface of what XFA can do. I encourage you to experiment with XFA on your own and see what kinds of scripts you can dream up.