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Part IV: Other Applications of XML > XML Development Tools

XML Development Tools

Here is a collection of tools incorporating multiple functions in an interactive development environment of some sort. Many support the development of DTDs, XSL style sheets for display, and other parts of a complete XML document. The following are some good development tools:

  • Near & Far Designer— Microstar's (Recently acquired by OpenText Corporation) DTD development tool is available in a bundle with Vervet Logic's XML <PRO> XML editor to form a complete DTD and XML authoring environment. See it at

  • XML <PRO>— Vervet Logic's XML editor is available in a bundle with Microstar's Near & Far Designer. Check out Vervet at

  • XMLwriter— This is one of the best validating XML editors, available as shareware at

  • XMetaL 1.2— This is a commercial authoring product rather than a DTD development tool as such, although it can be used to develop new DTDs. Find out more at

  • Visual XML— A Java-based tool for creating and editing XML documents and DTDs. Visual XML offers support for Java Document handlers as well as pure XML applications and is available from from Bluestone Software at

  • Python and XML Processing— This site contains links to Python tools for XML, including PyPointers, LT PyXML, tmproc, and XML Toolkit. See them at

  • XML Spy— Another very good validating XML editor available as shareware at

  • XML Testbed— Steve Withall's XML Testbed is a general development and testing environment including an XML parser, a grove, an editor, and a tree viewer. See it at

  • MultiDoc Pro Publisher— An XML/SGML Browser and editor from Citec Infor-mation. Citec also makes Doczilla and the The SGML Offshore Toolbox. See it at

  • Cocoon— The Apache Project's XML publishing framework. Cocoon includes support for Extensible Server Pages (XSP), Xerces-J, Xalan, XT, FOP (XSL FO to PDF generation), and more. Find more information at


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