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Absolute OpenBSD, 2nd Edition

Absolute OpenBSD, 2nd Edition


Publisher: No Starch Press

Publication Date: 15-APR-2013

Insert Date: 23-APR-2013

Slots: 1.0

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Absolute OpenBSD, 2nd Edition is a practical and straightforward guide for the experienced UNIX user who wants to add OpenBSD to his or her repertoire....


This book describes the design and implementation of the BSD operating system--previously known as the Berkeley version of UNIX. Today, BSD is found in nearly every variant of UNIX, and is widely used for Internet services and firewalls, timesharing, and multiprocessing systems. Readers involved in technical and sales support can learn the capabilities and limitations of the system; applications developers can learn effectively and efficiently how to interface to the system; systems programmers can learn how to maintain, tune, and extend the system. Written from the unique perspective of the...