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Microsoft Office 2003


How to Pass ECDL for Microsoft® Office 2003

How to Pass ECDL for Microsoft® Office 2003


Publisher: Prentice Hall

Publication Date: 21-DEC-2005

Insert Date: 23-NOV-2007

Slots: 1.0

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How to pass ECDL® for Microsoft® Office 2003 Paul Holden & Brendan Munnelly How to Pass ECDL for Office 2003 has been written and designed to help you to study for the ECDL, to remember what you have learned  – and to pass the exams with confidence! Fully covering the latest version of the ECDL syllabus – ECDL4  –  using the most popular and commonly-used PC software (Microsoft Windows XP®; Office 2003; and Internet Explorer 6),  How to Pass ECDL provides everything you need to understand and apply the subjects covered by the syllabus, and introduces many new features intended to make...