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Phrogram™ Programming for the Absolute Beginner

Phrogram™ Programming for the Absolute Beginner

By: Jerry Lee Ford Jr.

Publisher: Course Technology PTR

Publication Date: 01-MAR-2008

Insert Date: 10-MAR-2010

Slots: 1.0

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Welcome to Phrogram Programming for the Absolute Beginner! Phrogram is a programming language specifically designed to meet the needs of first time programmers. It supports the development of computer games, multi-media programs, and music and graphics applications that run on Microsoft Windows. Phrogram is very similar to Microsoft Visual Basic but is much easier to learn. As such, Phrogram makes for a great starter language, providing everything needed to build a foundation that can then be used to make a speedy transition to business oriented professional programming languages. Phrogram...


"This guide will quickly and easily walk complete beginners through creating their first simple games using Phrogram. The material is friendly and approachable to the young and to the technologically timid alike." --Alfred Thompson, Academic Relations Manager, Microsoft Corporation Different programming languages give you different ways to tell your computer what to do. If you are just starting to program, or even if you are an experienced programmer who likes the idea of writing programs more easily, Phrogram offers you several important advantages: Phrogram makes it easy and fun...