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Line 6 Spider III and Spider Valve Amps

By: Bobby Hartry

Publisher: Total Training, Inc.

Publication Date: 30-NOV-2009

Insert Date: 15-SEP-2009

Slots: 1.0

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This tutorial features two of Line 6's new generation of modeling guitar amps. The lastest in solid-state modeling and effects amps, Line 6 Spider III instantly delivers hundreds of killer preset sounds used by some of the world's most legendary guitarists. The Spider Valve™ is a collaboration between Line 6 and Reinhold Bogner, who is considered one of the best amp technician/designers in the world. Spider Valve™ delivers the best of both worlds by combining the versatility of a modeling amp with the performance and tonal feel of a world-class tube amplifier. Join Bobby Hartry, producer,...