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Xcelsius® 2008 Dashboard Best Practices

Xcelsius® 2008 Dashboard Best Practices

By: Loren Abdulezer

Publisher: Sams

Publication Date: 22-DEC-2008

Insert Date: 25-AUG-2008

Slots: 1.0

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THE DEFINITIVE, COMPREHENSIVE, OFFICIAL GUIDE TO XCELSIUS 2008 DASHBOARDS Using Xcelsius, you can create powerful, interactive dashboards, gather data from spreadsheets or databases, and deliver knowledge that can be instantly understood and acted upon. Now there’s a definitive, authoritative guide to making the most of Xcelsius 2008, the newest version of this breakthrough product. Loren Abdulezer, editor-in-chief of Xcelsius Journal, shares insider’s knowledge that goes far beyond any other book or online help resource. Abdulezer introduces Xcelsius 2008, reviews its core concepts,...