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Assemble the Social Web with zembly

Assemble the Social Web with zembly

By: Gail Anderson; Paul Anderson; Todd Fast; Chris Webster

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Publication Date: 19-DEC-2008

Insert Date: 30-AUG-2008

Slots: 1.0

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Use zembly to Create Social Web Applications for: Facebook, Flickr, iPhone, and More! With zembly you can create mashups and web applications drawing on content from virtually any web site, API call, or data stream. What’s more, zembly makes it as easy to deploy and scale next-generation web applications as it is to build them. Suddenly, the web itself becomes programmable: the browser becomes your development environment, and you can leverage building blocks created by thousands of developers, worldwide. With extensive contributions from zembly’s creators, Assemble the Social Web...