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Using the Asus Eee PC

Using the Asus Eee PC

By: Bill Lawrence

Publisher: Que

Publication Date: 15-SEP-2008

Insert Date: 02-AUG-2008

Slots: 1.0

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Asustek has introduced a single line of ultra-portable computers that could surpass all of Apple's Macintosh sales. Of that total, about 1.6 million units will be equipped not with Windows, but Xandros Linux. The Eee is designed to open up new market segments: In the U.S and other developed nations, it will be targeted largely at school students. Equipped with both "learning" programs as well as office and internet applications, the Eee will provide everything that students need regardless of their grade level. Because it is an ultra-light, highly mobile, yet fully capable computer, it will...